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Irfan, Financial Coach

From Zero To $50,000 In 10 Weeks!

"Such a pleasure, they always go the extra mile to create results. Helped me to extract my inner genius.

Great support & accountability. Highly recommended. What are you waiting for?"

Althea, Business & Transformational Coach

"Really have enjoyed it. Already made over $24,000 in my 1st week!! Really value the power of Hollie & Darren's teaching, their strategies and support, so would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anybody considering joining".

Joanne, Life Coach

"I just want to highly recommend Hollie and Darren Sassienie.They are very knowledgeable & they give you the best recommendation based on your circumstances".

Emma, Health & Fitness Coach

"I felt really reassured that I can get to where I want to go, I just needed help from experts. Instead of going around in circles, this has allowed me to have so much clarity.

Robert "You guys have been around for a while. I would definitely recommend, this is a program that helps others succeed in every area of their life."

We helped Caroline start a brand new business as a life coach qualified by her experience (without coaching qualifications). With our help, she was able to get

from $0 to $40,000 in just 5 weeks...

Laurie "Hollie & Daz have been so supportive, helping me to breakthrough, I really appreciate it. You have both been absolutely brilliant and I wanted to let you know that the personal touch from both of you just warms my heart".

Aly, Heart Based Transformation Coach

"It was amazing. I really feel that I have a strong foundation. I feel calm, settled & grounded. I love the way you truly focus on the individual. I feel very clear on my why, the value I have to offer. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart".

Sean, Life Coach For Men

"Got a lot of clarity. Darren was awesome; patient, insightful, thoughtful & asked me really great questions. Anybody thinking about doing this -> I am incredibly impressed with the level of service & results even in the early stages & I'm looking forward to the rest from here."

Emmanuel, Brand New Relationship Coach

"Awesome experience. I now have so much clarity & confidence. You were able to bring out so much in me that I hardly knew existed. I am grateful. Anybody on the fence thinking about getting coached by you... It's a no brainer...simple, easy to implement, I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend your services!"

Heiko, Coach

"Wow! Just Wow! This is so so good.

Before I was overwhelmed. Now it's much simpler. People love what I do, they want it, they're ready for it and I'm winning clients."

Cheryll, Coach

This gave me focus that i’ve never had that before. Amazing. Just amazing! It’s taken away all doubts. You made it so easy. Now i know how much I am worth. I know where i’m going now, i’m not scared of it & I can see it working.

Brent "You helped me with my fears. I love how you help us plan out our future & the steps required. Overcoming impostor syndrome, overwhelm, helping us focus on what is needed to grow. At any age you can do it.

Lena "Very thorough & well thought out structure. Great experience I would absolutely recommend it to others who are in the same situation as myself and needing a helping hand."

Darryl "It was good going through will Hollie & digging deeper on my focus, goals, where I'm going & what I'm doing. Thank you"

"I really appreciate it, you lent to instilling strength for me within & to continue going forward. What I did receive from you was very good. Your input was invaluable to me. I would recommend people to you and Daz".

Bridget, Mindset Coach

Mom of 3 Bridget was overwhelmed, frustrated & felt like she'd tried everything. She describes our help as phenomenal + a huge blessing in her life.#Her advice on getting our help? "

Decide for yourself, but I highly recommend it"

Heiko, Coach
"Mind blowing! They were giving me insights I've never heard before anywhere else in the industry.

If you're thinking about working with them, I definitely recommend it".

Joakim, Transformational, Mindset, Performance Coach

"I want to tell everyone to JUST DO THIS.. if you want to be successful with real progress just choose darren and hollie because they are the best. I’ve never felt so pumped up about my future as I do right now. Don’t hesitate at all, just do it...

Sean Life Coach

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the system so far. It's all been awesome. Great value.
Anybody who is thinking about working with Darren & Hollie I would definitely say jump in & go for it!"

Elif, Confidence Coach

"Really helped me get to the next level, I couldn't have done it alone. Boost your business. Boost your mindset. You're genuine, honest, helpful and your experience in Marketing and business has really helped me. I've won clients, learned so much and it's worked. My experience has been phenomenal. Wonderful. I would recommend definitely. Go for it. You must go for it!

Sam, Wellness Coach

I had no direction. Imposter syndrome. I was throwing mud at the walls, nothing was sticking. Out of everything I invested in previously, this is the one that's actually won me clients. Gave me focus. So much knowledge. Easy to follow. Really good structure.

Easier than I thought. Highlight of my week.

Fun, exciting, value packed. Fantastic learning experience. Given me above & beyond.

Surpassed expectations. Jump on this quick -

Clients are now reaching out to work with me.

Joakim, Transformational, Mindset, Performance Coach

"I wanted to be a coach but didn't know where or how to start. Now I really connected, movivated & I feel like this will change my life forever.."

Kari, Relationship Coach

"I love you two. You are both bright and shining stars in my world. This program, learning it is FANTASTIC. Your support and expertise is invaluable. I love how it's little steps at a time with incredible results.

It means a lot to me. Thank you so much"

John L.


I'm so happy I got this

This was exactly what I needed. Simple, clear, actionable steps that I could follow. A wonderful course that has already helped me in a big way. Darren & Hollie, I can't thank you enough.

Susan J.


Best thing I've taken so far

I wish that I had found this earlier. Great content. Well explained. Easy to follow along and implement. Superb.

The ROI on this is ridiculous!!

Mike S


Wow! That was fast

I implemented a little of what Darren & Hollie taught me and I won clients within my first week!! I can't believe it. Highly recommended.

Althea B.


I made over $20,000 in my 1st week!!

I really value the power of Darren and Hollie's teaching. That's a x13,000 ROI already!!

Kari P.


I made an extra $15,000 in just two weeks!!!

Before this, I didn't realize how much I didn't know...

This program, learning it is.. FANTASTIC!!

Alex A.


Commitment & determination to help others is simply excellent.

Always over delivered with everything. Outstanding results.

Highly recommended.

Denise E


Quick win. Just made an extra $10,000 by using this!! Best purchase ever!!! Thank you so much

Thank you so much Darren & Hollie. You've helped me so much & I'm extremely grateful.

Diana M.


Made a huge difference. Quick tangible results. Insane Value!! So happy to have found this!"

I was able to really grow my business more profitably & achieve so much more thanks to their help.

David C.


Better than anything else I've tried

Taught me so many valuable things I didn't know.

So glad I did this. Go for it. You'll be glad you did.

Lesley P.


Super helpful

This is exactly what I needed. Your teaching is outstanding.

So helpful.

Thank you so much Darren and Hollie.

John G.


Simply Superb

Everything I hoped it would be & SO MUCH more.

This is a real game changer for anyone who has this.

Cheryl Williams


Gave me clarity & focus like I've never had before.

I know exactly what I need to do now. It's taken away all doubts.

With your structure you made it so easy.

Aly C.


I made an extra $3,000 & got an ROI in just 48 hours!!!

This was exactly what I needed.

Delivered with outstanding results.

Karen M.


The whole systematic way you've put everything together is simply amazing.

Your gift is helping people like me to succeed & I really appreciate it.

Sam H.


This is the best program out there!!

Thorough. Simple. Easy to put into practice. Tangible results that will keep paying back. 100% do this.



Makes business growth easy!

Thanks to Darren's help I learnt some really powerful new things that have allowed me to really drive my business forward.

Caroline S.


An extra $40,000 in 5 weeks!! Oh my gosh, you guys are phenomenal.

If someone was on the fence, I would highly, highly recommend it. I would show them just how much you've helped. I was really on the fence myself but having done this, wow would I recommend you guys, you guys are amazing. You've given me the direction I need. I've seen huge results even in the last 3 days. I'm just blown away. From nervous & uncomfortable to excited. They will guide you every step of the way. Take my advice, definitely, definitely work with them.

Joanne M.


The level of expertise & knowledge that they have...

Is obvious, it's helpful, it's applicable.

They are really very good & you can be 100% confident that you're in very safe hands as they really know their stuff.

It's all easy to personalize for you.

Thank you so much Hollie & Daz.

I would recommend you do this.

I have no doubt at all that they will definitely help you.

Adam S.


Darren is one of those people who just instills confidence in those around him.

I've worked with Darren now for a number of years now. He is brilliant.

I trust him completely.

He's someone who understands what it takes to move the needle forward.

From a client perspective he is also genuinely a really nice person to work with.

Having someone care about you & your success & give you everything you need is simply invaluable.

Sean S.


I am incredibly impressed with the results. I would definitely say jump in and go for it!

Anybody who is thinking about going through this, I am incredibly impressed with their system & the results that I'm getting even in the early stages!

Thanks a lot guys, I'm looking forward to going through the rest of it.

Anyone who is thinking about getting help from Darren & Hollie - I would definitely say jump in & go for it.

Sonia W.


I found this really helpful

Thank you so much Darren and Hollie, it was awesome.

I learnt so much from you to help me and my business and I really appreciate you.

Thank you so much.

Will H.


Really valuable in so many ways...

I really didn't know how before Darren and Hollie helped me.,

But I've learnt so much more from them that has also helped me in so many ways too.

Andy Z.


If you are after great



It really is as simple as that.

Elif K.


This has really helped me get to the next level

I'm so grateful.

I really am.

Your experience & training is first class &

it really works.

Bridgette B


It's been phenomenal!! Exactly what I needed.

A huge blessing in my life after feeling like I tried everything. There's a clear step-by-step strategy, it doesn't take a long time. The pressure's been off now, it's more fun, I've won clients. The approach is authentic and feels good for me & it really gets results.

Irfan S


Thanks to Darren & Hollie, I made an extra $50,000 in just 10 weeks!

I also gained my time back!

Everyone was asking me how I did it from nothing. I just told them it's a secret.

You were the right choice. Get on it as quickly as you can.



Helped me win more clients"

I won an additional 6 clients using this with an additional 6 in the pipeline already.

I was also able to increase awareness about my services.

And I know I'm now able to just keep growing from here.

James C


This course really helped me in a big way.

Best purchase ever. At $2000 this was well worth it.

Easy to understand and implement. Thank you so much Darren & Hollie.

Definitely do this.

It's a no-brainer. The ROI you will receive is just crazy!!!

James P.


I would highly recommend.

I noted very quickly that Daz is phenomenal.

I really liked his style of coaching & training

Quality tips & tricks on how to move forward from my position so that I can really start achieving my goals quickly.

I would highly recommend.

Leah C.


Really valuable in so many ways...

What I received from you was very good.

I saw others around me succeeding & I thought why not me?

Your input has been truly invaluable to me.

It's all been so incredibly helpful.

I would definitely recommend people to you both.

Kara W.


Just do it, it will help you

Darren and Hollie, I cannot thank you enough.

Knowing the steps to each process & micro steps to each one was huge.

So so effective.

I'm also working with people who genuinely care about helping others.

Wij S.


Great program

I implemented everything Darren & Hollie showed me.

I paid to learn what you will be able to learn from them and now I have a consistent stream of leads, people contacting me and winning clients.


Well worth it.

Bill S.


You should do this

I came to Darren & Hollie in the hope that they could teach me something valuable to help my business grow.

Their whole strategy just works. Easy to understand, even easier to follow & implement. For me also quick to see results.

This is probably the best investment I've ever made in myself and my business. Seriously.

Emma W.


I would thoroughly recommend...

I took away so much from this.

It really helped me to think about & understand things in my business I hadn't even considered before.

I have more clarity now than I've been having.

I now feel reassured that I can get to where I want to go. I'm happy.

Charlotte L.


I'm now making more money...

I have learned a lot just in the last week alone.

I've increased my activity, I'm meeting a lot more people who I relate to.

Everything's just so much better than before.

I've also improved my performance in my role at work, so I now get paid more bonuses too.

Anisa R.


Everything great

I would highly recommend Darren & Hollie's services.

This allowed me to start growing in the way that I've been trying to for months, probably years now.

I honestly just wish I'd found them sooner. It's all so easy.

Great people. Great training. Great product.

Heiko G.


I can definitely recommend. Everything is so much easier now

Darren & Hollie have given me insights & strategies that I've never heard anywhere else in the industry before.

Everything is up to date with what's working right now. It's helped me win more clients. I'm more focused.

Everything is so much easier now, I can definitely recommend.

Georgiana D.


It's really priceless and very valuable

Darren and Hollie really helped me to get things working for me.

It's really amazing how powerful this platform is when you really know how to use it.

I'd had an account for a long time, but was never really maximizing the potential until now when I learnt how.

Very very good.

Joakim B.


I want to tell everyone to just do this!!

This was life changing for me. Before I didn't know where to start.

This is a real program, they've raised the bar. I now feel that this will change my life forever. I feel connected, motivated & I can now reach the level I want & need.

Just chose Darren & Hollie because they are the best. Don't hesitate at all, just do it.

Emmanuel E.


I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend your services

What an awesome experience I've had. You were able to bring out so much in me that I hardly knew existed & I am grateful for that.

To anybody on the fence, I would say it's really a no-brainer.

It's simple, well put together, in small bites to understand & implement.

As Soon As You're Ready:

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Then Just Get Started (Just Like All These Successful People Did)...

Still Got Questions Before You Start?

No problem. We're here to help. We've got you.

Our only real goal is to help our clients succeed with great results.

As you can see from everything above, we're pretty good at it :)

So, if you're interested in getting our help too - I want you to feel really good about it, so if you have any questions you can email me personally at [email protected]

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