New 2024 Online Business Get More Leads Growth Workshop:

New 2024

Online Business Get More Leads Growth Workshop:

Get Immediate Access Right Now & Discover:

How To Land Your Next 10+ Clients On LinkedIn

How To Get 10-15 Inbound Enquiries Weekly ...Within The Next 90 Days Or Less!!

(without paid ads + Learn Hollie's $16,000,000+ strategies that are working amazingly well today...)

"Just do it! This is without any doubt the most exciting & valuable thing you can do to help yourself & your business to grow"

Today is the day you remember as you FINALLY

start to remove the "Feast or Famine cycle" from your business, permanently.

...let's be honest, as business owners, we all experience it and it's uncomfortable. So, let's now replace that with something a little more stress-free: Welcome to Consistent Quality Leads

🗓️ Here's What You're Going To Learn:

✅ Our Proven 3 Part Strategy For Getting 10-15 New Leads

Per Week

Simply getting 1-3 warm new enquiries every day

(Monday - Friday... 12 per week on average) will transform your business from a 'Feast or Famine' rollercoaster... to a consistent, growth machine.

We call this the "Self Filling Pipeline".

✅ How We MASSIVELY Simplified Marketing & Sales, Generating Over $16 Million

It's all about translating your competitive edge into your effective Marketing Message to stand out from your competition. We'll dig into how we did that, so you can copy the tactics inside your business.

Hint: The answer is in increasing the quality of your marketing, as opposed to increasing it's quantity.

✅ The Secret Sauce: The LeadPro 301 ™ Method Introduces Your Business To 800 Brand New Ideal Customers Each Month...

Truly set and forget.

Configure the system once, and let it get to work. All you need to do is top it up with fresh contacts periodically (we'll cover where to get fresh data from).

How can we reach 200 new ideal clients each month?

I'll cover that on the session, too... 😉

Take Control Of Your Marketing & Sales Today And Start To Unlock Your True Extraordinary Business Growth Potential...


Althea B

I made over $20,000 in my 1st week!!

I really value the power of this incredible system along with Darren & Hollie's teaching.

That's a x13,000 ROI already!!


Irfan S

Thanks to Darren & Hollie's help, I made an extra $50,000 in just 10 weeks!

I also gained my time back!

Everyone was asking me how I did it from nothing. I just told them it's a secret.

You were the right choice. Get on it as quickly as you can.


Caroline S

An extra $40,000 in 5 weeks!! Oh my gosh, you guys are phenomenal.

If someone was on the fence, I would highly, highly recommend it. I would show them just how much you've helped. I was really on the fence myself but having done this, wow would I recommend you guys, you guys are amazing. You've given me the direction I need. I've seen huge results even in the last 3 days. I'm just blown away. From nervous & uncomfortable to excited. They will guide you every step of the way. Take my advice, definitely, definitely work with them.


Denise E

Quick win. Just made an extra $10,000 by using this!! Best system ever!!!

Thank you so much

Thank you so much Darren & Hollie. You've helped me so much & I'm extremely grateful.


Mike S

Wow! That was fast

I implemented a little of what Darren & Hollie taught me and I won clients within my first week!!

I can't believe it. Highly recommended.


Kari P

I made an extra $15,000 in just two weeks!!!

Before this, I didn't realize how much I didn't know...

This system, learning it is.. FANTASTIC!!


Sean S

I am incredibly impressed with the results. I would definitely say jump in and go for it!

Anybody who is thinking about going through this, I am incredibly impressed with their system & the results that I'm getting even in the early stages!

Thanks a lot guys, I'm looking forward to going through the rest of it.

Anyone who is thinking about getting help from Darren & Hollie - I would definitely say jump in & go for it.



This is the best system out there!!

Thorough. Simple. Easy to put into practice. Tangible results that will keep paying back. 100% do this.


Aly C

I made an extra $3,000 & got an ROI in just 48 hours!!!

This was exactly what I needed.

Delivered with outstanding results.

A Consistent "Rhythm" of 10-15 New Enquiries Per Week Will Free Up Your Time + Provide Stability & A Foundation For Growth

Best Practices From 20+ Years of Helping Businesses Grow Successfully...

Over the last 20 years, we are proud to have:

-> From struggling, inconsistent months, to pioneering our unique approach & proven method to (mostly) automated Marketing & Sales.


has allowed us to generate over 16 Million As of 2024.

-> Thanks to this system, we've been able to achieve our most important business & personal goals.

-> We have now helped thousands of business owners just like you to also find great success, allowing them to free up their time & grow their business profitably.

And now we are inviting you to get our help too...

(Limited Spots Available)

Darren & Hollie Sassienie

Profitable Business Growth Experts

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